Prints, prints, prints!

I’m not one to shy away from bold prints. In fact, the weirder, brighter and/or funnier the better! Where other people might choose an all black outfit or jeans on those days that you just don’t know or just don’t care, I tend to choose a skirt or dress with a bright fun print, so that other “flaws” in my appearance are less noticeable.


The classic leopard print is wonderful, but I enjoy the company of other animals too. My collection of bird-skirts is ever growing.

Butterfly skirt and dress: here and here or here; crane bird dress here; flamingo skirt here

Swan dress here; flamingo dress is sold out (similar here)


These prints are not made for wallflowers. Expect a lot of comments when wearing these…


Made to measure paprika dress from HeartsandFound


Fast food dress via ShopForGoodies

Lemon dresses: here and here; ice cream dress top left: here


City- or country themed skirts and dresses are so much fun! My big wish is to have a print from every country in the world (and a bigger house to store them).

Skirt and dress on the left are sold out, London dress on the right is sold here


Floral prints are an all time favourite and maybe less daunting than the prints above.


Dress by Palava


Made-to-measure dress by HeartsandFound


Dress by ChicWish

I didn’t include one of my favourite prints: stripes. I will dedicate a whole post on these beauties. And maybe throw in some polka dots!

Do you wear prints? What’s your favourite print, if any?


File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43

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