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All I want (to wear) for Christmas

Ah, Christmas. Time to spend quality time with our friends and family. To relax and eat. And to dress up! Well, for some……

Every year, I spend Christmas Day (we Dutchies call it first Christmas Day, since we have two) with my family. We play shuffle board and eat Raclette. Not really an occasion to dress up in your finest frock since eating Raclette involves frying small pieces of meat, vegetables or fish on a hotplate set the middle of the dining table. Playing shuffle board in a ball gown or super tight little black dress isn’t a very good idea either, if you want to keep up with my super competitive family members.

So each year I try to find a festive yet comfortable outfit to wear. And maybe, just maybe, I will wear pants this year. I found these cute tartan pants at H&M. I think they just scream Christmas, don’t you think?File 07-12-2017, 10 14 57

The cute present bag is from Joanie Clothing (shop here). The H&M pants are sold out online everywhere (you could try in store). Some alternatives can be bought here or here.File 07-12-2017, 11 07 47

This outfit is definitely a contestant for this year too. The gorgeous top (with birdcage print!) is not too warm (hotplate!) and is wide enough to shuffle those disks. The bag from Mint&Berry via Zalando (here) and skirt (old, similar here) add a touch of chic. The top is from the Emily Lovelock AW 2017 collection (shop here).

File 07-12-2017, 10 17 14

This beautiful Emily Lovelock dress leaves enough room for food and games. I can always loosen the belt, if needed (or rather: when needed). The dress is not in stores yet, I will update this post when it is. The bag is from Furla (shop similar here) and the heels are from New Look (shop here).

File 05-12-2017, 10 54 55Last year I wore this gorgeous skirt. I did cover it up during dinner (couldn’t find a similar flock print tulle skirt, but here’s one with hearts from J.Crew)!

Two years ago (sorry for the quality, I was even less skilled in photography back then). Yes, I love Christmas kitsch! Both outfits are old, obviously.

I’ll let you know which outfit made the cut for Christmas. It’s still too early to wish you a merry Christmas, so I’ll just wish you a happy rest of the week!

File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43File 05-12-2017, 10 54 21








Prints, prints, prints!

I’m not one to shy away from bold prints. In fact, the weirder, brighter and/or funnier the better! Where other people might choose an all black outfit or jeans on those days that you just don’t know or just don’t care, I tend to choose a skirt or dress with a bright fun print, so that other “flaws” in my appearance are less noticeable.


The classic leopard print is wonderful, but I enjoy the company of other animals too. My collection of bird-skirts is ever growing.

Butterfly skirt and dress: here and here or here; crane bird dress here; flamingo skirt here

Swan dress here; flamingo dress is sold out (similar here)


These prints are not made for wallflowers. Expect a lot of comments when wearing these…


Made to measure paprika dress from HeartsandFound


Fast food dress via ShopForGoodies

Lemon dresses: here and here; ice cream dress top left: here


City- or country themed skirts and dresses are so much fun! My big wish is to have a print from every country in the world (and a bigger house to store them).

Skirt and dress on the left are sold out, London dress on the right is sold here


Floral prints are an all time favourite and maybe less daunting than the prints above.


Dress by Palava


Made-to-measure dress by HeartsandFound


Dress by ChicWish

I didn’t include one of my favourite prints: stripes. I will dedicate a whole post on these beauties. And maybe throw in some polka dots!

Do you wear prints? What’s your favourite print, if any?


File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43


A beret a day……



I have a deep love for berets. Over the years, I have collected them in (almost) every colour. A beret can change any outfit from bland to beautiful: an all black outfit with a bright coloured beret on top? Perfection! A beret can also serve as camouflage: bad hair day? Never when wearing a beret! Another perk of berets: it’s good for your French. Everybody starts to speak French to you once you’re wearing one. I wonder why??


Berets don’t have to be expensive. On the ones in the colours I know I won’t be wearing often, I don’t want to spend too much. But don’t go too cheap. I have bought some at Aliexpress for next to nothing but those berets are shapeless and made of the flimsiest material.  Better check stores or websites like Accessorize and for reasonable prized ones of better quality. The berets I wear most often ( black, red, navy and raspberry) are from my favourite luxury department store in Amsterdam: De Bijenkorf. I have had them for years and they’re still going strong!

File 22-11-2017, 22 04 06

One of my favourites: my raspberry beret. The kind you find in a second hand store 😉 Or at Etsy! Skirt is from J.Crew via Zalando (shop here (UK), here (NL) here (FR) or here (DE), bag is from Lulu Guinness (shop here).

File 22-11-2017, 22 03 42

Baby pink from (shop here). The cake bag is from RommydeBommy (shop here).

Photo 02-01-2017, 16 01 46A classic: navy. Bag is from Furla (old, but similar styles here). Skirt is old!

File 22-11-2017, 22 00 53

Now go and get a beret and feel French for a day!

File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43



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Accessories can be fun too!

Accessories are a perfect way to add some fun and/or colour to an outfit.


I have a fast growing collection of novelty bags. Those bags don’t have to be very expensive: quality isn’t that important since you won’t be using them on a daily basis.

The bags in the pictures above from left to right are from:

Banned Apparel (sorry, sold out everywhere); Lindy Bop (shop here) and Sass & Belle via (shop here).


Don’t get me started on shoes! I think every woman can relate to my addiction to shoes, booties and boots. I usually wear high heels, I feel like a dwarf when I’m in flats (although I’m 5.9″) but I do have a small collection of ballet flats, simply because I can’t resist buying them when they have a fun print or colour.

Shoes in the pictures above from left to right are from:

Asos (this colour is sold out; shop similar here or here); Maria Cardelli Fashion (shop here) and Just Fabulous (shop similar here and here).

Photo 11-09-2017, 16 38 09

This fun cake bag from RommydeBommy (shop here) is a little more expensive than my usual novelty bags, but it’s handmade-to-order and definitely an eye catcher! Boots are from Zara (sorry, old)

Photo 06-09-2017, 17 00 37 (1)

One of my favourite bags of the moment from Zara! The Mango boots (sorry, sold out everywhere) are so much fun (and I secure them with fashion tape because over-the-knee boots never stay put on my legs).

File 19-11-2017, 16 24 11

The scared looking little owl is from Aliexpress; the bow heels (which come in every colour) can be bought here.

Photo 29-10-2017, 16 45 01

A heart shaped bag for me is an essential. This one’s from Joanie Clothing (currently sold out, shop similar here). Dress is from Collectif Clothing (shop here). The lace-up pumps are old (shop similar here).


Black, white and red!

Whenever I really don’t know what to wear (which happens too often), I revert to my go-to colours: black, white and red. Here are a few examples. Clearly my favourite prints include stripes and polkadots.

Photo 23-10-2017, 16 10 36 Shop the fun cat suitcase here and this beautiful Suite by Jennifer dress here

Photo 30-04-2017, 16 06 18

Ted Baker dress is sold out in black and white. Shop the fun Baublebar earrings here and the  fun lips clutch here or here

File 07-11-2017, 17 13 28

I have been waiting for almost a year before I could get my hands on this Dainty Jewells Central Park dress (shop here). It is almost always sold out! But dots! Wide skirt! Fitted bodice! Long sleeves! I had to have it! The little red bag is from Zara.

File 19-11-2017, 17 07 46File 19-11-2017, 17 08 21

These dresses are from (see here). The one on the left has a pretty v-back and is made from chiffon, the one on the right is made from cotton.