Polka dots forever!

As you might know, I’m a polka dot fanatic. There’s something just so fun and frivolous about this print, I simply can’t resist any item of clothing with those delicious dots.

It just so happens that polka dots are big for spring 2018. They are everywhere! I can stock up on my favourite print and incorporate a few golden oldies in my spring wardrobe.

Coat in featured picture is from It’s going to be my spring favourite.

File 22-03-2018, 16 52 34

My Asos prom dress in navy and white (buy here). Can’t wait to wear it without a shirt underneath!

File 22-03-2018, 17 01 16

A golden oldie: one of my favourite dresses from Emily Lovelock (sold out, sorry). The crab bag is from Joanie Clothing and is also sold out. Hopefully they will re-launch it, it’s such a fun bag!

File 22-03-2018, 17 11 14

Pussy bow blouse from H&M is sold out everywhere, but has a good alternative (here). Blue skirt is also from (shop here). Polkadot pumps are from Asos (here)

File 22-03-2018, 17 14 32

Another crab bag. This one is from Shopforgoodies (shop here). The polkadot blouse with pussy bow (yes I like pussy bows!) is from (here).

File 22-03-2018, 17 12 49

Dotted sweater from Zara (Asos has the same, shop here), striped skirt from Asos (old, shop alternative here) and gingham pumps from Zara.

File 22-03-2018, 17 40 12Have a fun spring!

File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43





Dots and stripes

My two favourite prints deserve a separate post.

For me, skirts and dresses with stripes or polka dots are hard to resist. I also happen to be the proud owner of a ridiculous large collection of striped tops and sweaters. You would think that if you’ve seen one striped dress, skirt or top you’ve seen them all. But no: you have stripes in every form, shape and colour. Same goes for dots.

I have dug deep into my photo archive to prove my point, so here it goes:

Vertical vs. horizontal vs. diagonal in black and white

Vertical stripes on one of my favourite dresses of the moment from (here), horizontal stripes on a Mint & Berry dress (still available hereand diagonal on my beautiful Ted Baker cocktail dress (on sale here)

I couldn’t pick a favourite stripe if I had to. Vertical is slimming, horizontal is cute and very French, diagonal is so unexpected.

Coloured stripes

I could insert dozens of pictures here, but I tried to restrain myself. Let’s just say I like coloured stripes. A lot…..


This dress has vertical and horizontal stripes in orange, black and silver. What more can you ask for? Dress is from Traffic People (shop here).

Red stripes! Or are they white?? Dress is from Dolly and Dotty (this colour is sold out but in burgundy/black shop here).0699764F-3B1A-4EF7-BD71-D1AD76450519

This gorgeous blue and yellow striped top is from Emily Lovelock (sold out).

file-14-12-2017-10-36-25.jpegBaby pink and black. I bought this dress on sale at Joanie Clothing and was so happy they still had my size. I mean, baby pink and black….. (sorry, it’s sold out now).


Polka dots are so girly but yet so stylish. And more versatile than you’d think. Of course the classic black and white (or white and black) dots are a style staple but why not try a different colour?

Blue dots from Emily Lovelock (shop here)

File 14-12-2017, 10 56 36

Multi-coloured dots (old but similar here)

Yellow on white by Emily Lovelock (can you tell I love this brand?). It’s still available at Wolf and Badger (here) and also as a skirt (here)

Dots combined with stripes

The best of both worlds….

First two are sold out, but similar dots skirt here. The green co-ord from is one of my favourite purchases of last spring. And it has diagonal stripes, vertical stripes and dots! It’s still available and on major sale (here and here).

Even in my home, these prints are represented:

Enjoy the holidays!

File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43