If you follow me on Instagram, you might know I don’t wear pants (or trousers) that often. I feel more comfortable in a skirt or dress. And more feminine. But sometimes you just have to wear trousers to avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. Think stormy weather or temperatures below freezing point. Although I am known for wearing skirts when everyone else is covered in multiple layers of thermal underwear underneath their clothes.

I own a few trousers and I have posted some outfits on Instagram in the past years. Here’s an overview.  This is going to be my shortest post until now!


The latest edition to my trouser family: these Joanie Clothing cropped polkadot trousers (shop here). I have bought them with spring in mind. File 23-01-2018, 14 32 39

Another pair of dotted trousers. These are at least 10 years old but since I hardly ever wear them they are still in mint condition.


These tartan pants are my favourites at the moment (I have featured them before on this website). They sold out so quickly at H&M and I totally understand why!

File 23-01-2018, 14 56 30

Winter 2016. High waisted black skinny jeans. With stretch. Always a good idea!


Jeans! I own just 3 pairs of jeans. These skinny jeans, a boyfriend fit and a pair with flaired legs. That’s it. No need for more 🙂

Finally one of the first pictures I ever posted on Instagram. Yes, I own combat trousers. Bet you didn’t expect that!

Now back to skirts and dresses! Thanks for reading,

File 07-12-2017, 16 03 43